Real-Time Order Tracking & Sales
Team Management
Real-Time Order Tracking &
Sales Team Management
Effortless Orders Management for
Maximum Efficiency
Effortless Orders Management
for Maximum Efficiency
Stay Updated with Real-Time Team
Stay Updated with Real-Time
Team Insights
Field Sales Excellence with Geo-Tracking
Field Sales Excellence with
Geo-Tracking Precision
Boost Your Sales Team's Productivity
Boost Your Sales Team's
Productivity Instantly
Outstanding ROI with SalzPoint's
SAAS Power
Outstanding ROI with SalzPoint's
SAAS Power
Revolutionize Sales with SalzPoint's
Beat Management
Revolutionize Sales with SalzPoint's
Beat Management
Optimize Field Sales with Permanent
Journey Planning
Optimize Field Sales with Permanent
Journey Planning
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About SalzPoint !

SalzPoint is a SaaS (Software Service) based solution, available on a monthly subscription basis. It helps in monitoring the Sales/Field force efficiently, & in tracking the orders, inventory & delivery of goods. It is hosted on highly reliable Cloud platform with necessary disaster recovery processes in place.
SalzPoint offers a highly intuitive & user-friendly interface, and is available for the Web and Mobile users.

SalzPoint is a software product built and promoted by SupplyChainz Infotech.

which specializes in offering Consulting in setting up a Dealer networks, and in offering software tools for efficiently managing Product and Service Supply Chains, involving both internal as well as external stakeholders.

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Primary Goal
of SalzPoint.

To equip your sales team in managing your entire delivery Supply Chain effortlessly, offering solutions for your Dealers, Distributors, Super-stockists, and the Field force.

SalzPoint helps you in maintaining a healthy equilibrium between demand and supply forces and improves coordination between your supply-chain partners.

Why SalzPoint?

Due to issues with the sales team’s performance, distribution channel output, visibility on secondary & tertiary sales or retailer/customer level order execution, companies struggle to meet their retail and B2B sales goals.

SalzPoint’s goal-driven SaaS tool allows you to create specific goals within the system and guides your distributors, employees, and retailers toward meeting their goals.

Interactive Dashboard

With a user-friendly dashboard, you can quickly get a bird's eye-view of your sales figures and gain insights.

All Sales Aspects Covered

Weather it’s a Primary sales or Secondary sales all aspects from order generation, simultaneous intimation to the distributor to order delivery, every sales aspect has been covered in the application.

Advance UI/UX

SalzPoint’s self-explanatory features make it handy to use, even if you are not tech-savvy or don’t have much tech-knowledge.

Responsive Design

You will get high resolution, user-friendly interface and design, and quick response on the web, mobile, and every other device you use.

The Dual Interface of the SalzPoint Application

The real-time supply-chain automation platform has a dual interface:
1. The Mobile App
The inputs punched by the field-sales staff, using a mobile-application (available for download from PlayStore).
2. The Web Application
The field visiting shops is viewed and actioned in real-time using a web-application by an MIS or Admin-user sitting at the manufacturer’s/distributor’s office-location.

Key Features of SalzPoint

Here are a few key features of SalzPoint.
Sales Automation

You can get real-time sales summary, inventory, and stock updates. You’ll know your net profit without any worry. Set sales targets and monitor the achievement in real-time.

Beat Summary

SalzPoint App isn’t simply about tracking sales reps, it also helps you in taking data-driven decisions and implementing ad-hoc plans while maintaining the efficiency and utility of beat plans.

Live Tracking and Attendance

Live tracking and attendance are an intrinsic part of sales automation. You can track sales-reps on the field wherever they are in real-time, watch where and how they move, all by viewing them on the representative map provided on the web application dashboard. You can use the logbook feature to check their activities for the day, hours worked, distance traveled, and primary and secondary sales done.

Focus Products

You can easily identify and focus on a specific product for a week or a month and run a campaign around it – ie. set a target to drive up its sale, even while optimizing the list as and when you want. It’ll help you accelerate sales.

Beat Management

Salzpoint App does more than just track sales reps; it also assists you in developing a definitive route-plan thus providing an efficient tool for beat management.

Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking at various touch points will help you improve the performance of the sales team.

Route Planning & Optimization

Make routes based on client location and your priorities for effective market penetration. Identify key clients and implement beat strategies, estimate distances, travel costs to determine the feasibility of additional territory.

Payment Management

Get rid of all of those bulky payment record files, because with Salzpoint you will get automated Orders and payment records from every sale.

Real-time Claims & Feedback

Salzpoint enables you to get real-time claims and customer feedback in order to check the performance of a specific product.

Outlet Status Management

Keep up with the latest information on outlet status, shipping dates, product availability, and general order status communication.

Order Management

Every order that your sales executive books will be immediately accessible to you, and you would be able to track and control the whole process.

Real Time Stock Update

Get real-time stock updates and inventory information. Accordingly, you can stock up the products which are selling the most. By ensuring this, and by keeping track of your real-time stock levels, you won’t suffer any downtime in your business.

Merchandising Management

Auditing and assessment of visual merchandising enables execution of quality on-site.

Leaves & Expense Management

Salzpoint gives you easy-to-understand data and insights on your teams leaves and expenses.

Logbook Track

Salzpoint keeps track of data ledgers and the dates they were gathered automatically.

Profile Set Up

The application has simplified the profile creation process. Every role is user-defined and follows a pre-fed hierarchy. For example, if you decide, then a Sales Executive will only be added under a Sales Manager and not under any other parent.

Once created, the salesperson’s profile gives you a detailed peek into his user-information, work-profile, sales done, PJPs, attendance-records, and most valuably his overall performance analytics.

EoD Closing

Daily summary of team activities is automatically generated and easily shared with managers. It gives the details of duration of sales activities, number of orders, payment details and much more.

SalzPoint provides highest quality solutions

We have designed industry specific workflows that you can pick, configure and adapt within a few days.


Besides establishing a robust workforce management system, SalzPoint’s GPS tracking...

for Distributors

Salzpoint is an all-in-one solution for FMCG distributors, superstockists, and wholesale merchants...

Journey Plan (PJP)

A well-defined route plan for the entire week simplifies field-sales management in a much...


Giving you real-time visibility of your secondary-sales activities is one of our KRAs (key result areas)...


Salzpoint assists sellers in determining what consumers want, prioritizing what to produce next...

Management System

Salzpoint’s whole focus is on making your distribution seamless and swift. Your response...


With our comprehensive and feature-rich software, you can delight consumers, grow...

Route Plan

Improve your sales and distribution efficiency with better route planning, real-time data capturing...


All the immediate statistics are at your finger-tips on the dashboard. SalzPoint has provided not just…


Workforce is an integral part of an SFA service. In a country like India, where attrition…

Sales Approach

With Salzpoints' goal-driven sales strategy, you can achieve your company goals in four...

Activity and Analysis

Your salesperson is not only entrusted to generate daily business for from the outlets in his…

Accelerate your sales with SalzPoint. This is how we assist you!

The application serves as a SaaS-based (Software-as-a-Service) solution, hosted on state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

SalzPoint Is The Answer To All Of Your Sales Queries

You'll find solutions to all your unresolved sales questions with SalzPoint:
Which city is ideal for launching my new product?

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Which store sells the most of my goods?

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Which dealer/distributor/superstockist deserves a longer credit period?

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When is the greatest time to launch a marketing campaign?

Home New

Which salesperson covers the most stores and takes the most orders?

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Which outlet generates most revenues?

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Which geographies demand more strategic attention than others?

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SalzPoint is your optimal solution to all supply-chain problems, this application is designed to make your business dreams get real!

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We have some of the most renowned names in the market using our application, and SalzPoint has tremendously benefitted their sales. Some of them are:

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