About Us

What is SalzPoint and What Does It Envision?

SalzPoint is a leading supply-chain automation software application service company with a primary focus on transforming the way you manage your diverse supply chain, including salespeople, distributors, and super-stockists. Specializing in both Salesforce automation and supply-chain management, we have developed a cutting-edge field sales management Application to address your unique challenges and overcome supply-chain difficulties and bottlenecks.

Who We Are: Empowering Field Teams to Conquer the Marketplace

SalzPoint isn't just software, it's a revolution in field force management. We're built for the go-getters, the road warriors, the deal closers who refuse to be confined by desks and spreadsheets. We understand the challenges facing field teams: juggling endless tasks, navigating complex routes, and staying connected in a disconnected world. That's why we created SalzPoint: a mobile-first, cloud-based solution that puts the power in your pocket.

Our Mission

To give field teams the tools they need to thrive. We believe empowered teams conquer markets. That's why we provide real-time visibility, streamlined workflows, and data-driven insights, all accessible from anywhere, on any device. To eliminate friction and maximize efficiency. Say goodbye to lost paperwork, missed appointments, and disconnected communication. SalzPoint keeps your team on track, organized, and always a step ahead. To unlock hidden potential and drive extraordinary results. We believe every field team deserves a platform for success. With SalzPoint, you can optimize routes, close more deals, and exceed all expectations.

Our Values

Innovation: We're constantly pushing the boundaries of field force technology, developing features that keep you ahead of the curve.
Simplicity: We believe powerful tools shouldn't come with a learning curve. Our intuitive interface makes adoption seamless and keeps your team productive.
Collaboration: We understand that success is a team effort. SalzPoint fosters seamless communication and empowers teams to work together, conquer challenges, and celebrate victories.
Customer Focus: You're the hero of our story. We're dedicated to your success and offer exceptional support every step of the way.

The Dual Interface

The interface typically encompasses both web as well as mobile engagements for your supply-chain partners.

This integrated application-hub is beautifully designed to interoperably communicate business-critical activities from order-booking, assignment, delivery, tracking pending payments, managing inventory, assigning and requesting stock to attendance tracking, salespersons route-mapping, generating crucial reports, analyzing individual-sales performances, boosting planning through the study of analytics and dashboards, etc. between your partners.

The Empowering tool

It is an empowering tool that brings efficiency, seamlessness and predictability to your sales, distribution, inventory management and order-cycle. You will be able to plan your production, forecast your demand, manage your revenue cycle and minimize down-time which adversely affects your demand momentum.

This application will help you maintain the equilibrium between demand and supply forces and improve coordination between your supply-chain partners leading to increased sales.

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