How It Works


How SalzPoint Works!

SalzPoint is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cutting-edge infrastructure. It's designed as an SFA (Salesforce Automation) application to organize, administer, monitor, and control your complete supply-chain distribution network as well.

The Dual Interface of the SalzPoint Application

The platform for real-time supply-chain automation features two user interfaces:
The Mobile App
This comprehensive mobile software interface, which promises a seamless UI/UX experience throughout, aims to help you reach your company objectives by increasing operational efficiency and ensuring business continuity with few failures and reaching your target audience more conveniently.
The Web App
An MIS or Admin-user sitting at the manufacturer's/office-location distributor's watches and acts on the field visiting shops in real-time through a web application. It’s self-explanatory features make it optimal to use for everyone including suppliers, distributors, and salesperson.

Implementation approach

This attractively designed integrated application center seamlessly communicates business-critical tasks.